Tips For A Business Name


One of the first things you would have to think about when starting your own business is of course the name you would give it. The name would give your business a sense of identity. It is also what people would take note of, remember and talk about. This is why it is very important that you think of a business name interesting enough to get good first impressions and great lasting ones. Here are some tips you can consider in thinking about the name you would give your business.

· Use a name that is easy to remember, use and understand. Do not come with a mouthful of words that are difficult to spell and pronounce. Instead, use a name that you envision would be a household name. Think of a name that would be remembered by people of all ages. Name your business with one that everybody else would have no difficulty associating with the product or service you are offering.

· Think of a name that would give you an edge against your competitors. This may start from the simple act of ensuring that your business name comes up first when people search for it in a directory. You should be able to come up with a business name that would not be confused with another product or company so that you get the exposure that you need in a peaceful manner.

· Broaden the niche you are considering before naming your business. At the time of your preparations, your business may simply be all about ice cream. But with the right visions and strategies, your business may expand to an actual desserts restaurant. Definitely, you have to consider this so even if you have a narrow scope at the start of your business you cannot name it simply for that niche. Think of future expansions that you might do for your business and make sure that your name can embody it.

· Add descriptive words in your business name. Adjectives are great additions to simple business names. They encourage potential clients and at the same time show what kind of product or service may be expected from your business. For example, instead of “The Ice Cream Shop” you can change it to “The Great Ice Cream Shop” to give off the impression that your products are really sumptuous. But of course you have to make sure that your actual product or service would live up to the name given to them.


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