Samsung Galaxy S10 : Definition Of ´Balance´

Galaxy S10 is currently the most premium version of the Samsung flagship.

Galaxy S10 is currently available in three models but a fourth capable of delivering 5G network speeds will release in some territories next month.

For now, the most premium version of the product line is the Galaxy S10+ that has a huge display, a triple camera system on its rear and a huge battery.

Additionally, the Galaxy S10+ also comes with a fast processor and can be configured to come with up to 12GB of RAM.

The demand hurdles and expectations that Samsung’s Galaxy 10 launch will have to clear may border on absurd to with heavy dose of impossible. The mission: Save the smartphone sector and give us something interesting.

When Apple and Samsung both issued revenue warnings for their upcoming results citing China and a broader demand slowdown it’s obvious that the Galaxy S10 launch was going to have some pressure applied.

And with CES 2019 likely to end with a thud, dud and some FUD all eyes will be on Samsung holding court in San Francisco.

Simply put, this foldable demo-phone-what-is-it thing better is good. We’ll find out soon enough given that Samsung tweeted that its Unpacked event would happen February 20. Mirae Asset Daewoo analyst Wonjae Park noted that Samsung’s fourth-quarter was torpedoed by the chip unit, but “we think sales of the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9, and low/mid-end models were all weaker than anticipated.”

Consider the current state of the smartphone industry:

Apple cuts its revenue guidance over weaker-than-expected iPhone upgrades.
Samsung warns its quarter stinks too then teases a 5G phone and prototype.
Everyone talks 5G at CES 2019, but AT&T goes out on a limb with 5GE (umm 4G basically) and gets mocked by T-Mobile. 5G hype is bad enough without having to worry about faux 5G.
If Apple and Samsung are hurting the rest of the Android field can’t be doing well. Enter the race to the bottom.
On the bright side, you can at least get a deal or two on iPhones. Sales on everything else on deck.
But there’s an entire Osborne effect vibe to the smartphone industry. We all know better tech is coming so preannouncing anything will just make us wait.



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