How to Create Quality Marketing Video from Your Smartphone?


If you want to boost user engagement or convert more leads, adding sales or corporate videos in your business’s marketing strategy and sales funnel can be of great help. These videos have many uses. Moreover, there are many areas in your business’ marketing department which can benefit from these type of content. It can be used to share the company’s story, used as a training material, celebrating a company milestone, documenting a staff activity, sales presentations and even sharing testimonials from satisfied clients.

While video is a powerful form of content, there are businesses that don’t have the means to create high-quality video. Good thing the technological innovation has given us more ways and options to be able to produce quality corporate videos without spending an arm and a leg.

Whether you are using an Android or an iPhone, you are sure to find useful apps and built-in cameras that can help you shoot high-quality images and videos in just a few clicks. However, while this may sound as an easy way to produce a video, you still need to keep a few tips in mind.

Keep the Talking Head or Actor Close to the Camera

If you want to create a bokeh or a blur background effect while your actor is speaking in front of the camera, then make sure they are sitting close to the camera. Bokeh or blur background effect makes your video look more professional. Even if you do not have the most advanced smart phone you can still achieve this since newer phones have great focus features.

Have a Simple Background

When creating a video, less is more. This is especially true when you want your audience to focus on the person talking in front of the camera. It’s best to keep the background distraction to a minimum to avoid losing the attention of the viewer to the subject. The simpler the background, the more likely your viewers will focus on the speaker and what he or she is saying.

If this is your first time to make a video, do some test shots in your office or studio until you find the perfect shot to shoot. Once you already have a preferred area to shoot, you can use the same location for your upcoming sales or explainer videos.

Follow the Rule of Thirds

You’ve probably heard how effective the rule of thirds is in making videos and images. This is the concept of breaking up the frame into a 3×3 grid. To do this, you have to position the subject in a way that their face is in 1 of the 3×3 grid’s connecting intersections. This will help create a more professional and aesthetically pleasing videos.

Take Advantage of Mobile Applications

If you want to place your brand in the video by adding a logo, you can do so with the use of mobile apps. If you are using an iPhone, iMovie lets you add a logo at the lower corner of the video frame. In addition to branding, it lessens the possibilities of your content being used by others. Moreover, these apps are available for free saving you more money in your video production budget.

Another tip to keep in mind is by using b-roll footage in order to bring together different elements. If you are presenting a new product to your audience, create a b-roll of your actor using or demonstrating it. This will help in adding a variety to your shots, ensuring viewers will not easily get tired of seeing the same shot or scene the whole time.

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