9 Apr

A Projector That Goes from Home Theater to PowerPoint Presentations with Ease

A easy to set up and use projector comes in handy when you have a home theater and need to do PowerPoint presentations for work or school. One like the Infocus IN112 SVGA DLP projector works well for this. It is easy to set up when and where you need it so it is quite portable.

At home, connect it to your home theater components for watching movies on DVD or BlueRay for a theater-like experience. Add your own popcorn and favorite beverage and you might think you are in a theater rather than your living room or family room. Even if you just want to watch your favorite TV shows, you still get the feel of being in a theater. If you have a screen, great but if you don’t, all you need is a blank wall in a light color. You can also attach a light colored sheet to the wall. Just be sure it isn’t one with a print of any kind on it.

Take it from there and connect it to a PC or laptop to run a PowerPoint presentation at work or school that will make a great impression. Show your presentation on a screen or whiteboard if either is available. Again, a blank, light colored wall also works well. The size of the projected image can be adjusted to the size needed for best visibility for the room and number of people present.

During the summer, you can make family movie night or neighborhood bbq extra special by setting up a screen, whether a commercially produced screen or one made from a sheet, and show movies outside under the stars. If you house has smooth exterior walls, similar to adobe, and a large enough blank area, you can use a wall as a screen. Adjust the size of the projected image for the best visibility and it is almost like being at a drive-in theater but without the cars. Instead, you have lawn and patio chairs. Choice of food and drink is yours so you can make it as much like a theater as you want or let everyone make smores using the embers in the bbq grill after grilling hamburgers and hotdogs.

With the price on projectors like this coming down, it is feasible to have one just for using as a PowerPoint projector for work and school if you do a lot of PowerPoint presentations and one to keep at home. It isn’t hard to find a model that is priced low enough to buy two for about five hundred dollars. It was just a few years ago that you couldn’t get even one for that. But the number of uses they can be put to has increased the demand so now, you can have the fun they can make possible and the tool that makes work and school presentations look so much better than plain whiteboard presentations.

You can find more info at http://www.mega-power.com

27 Mar

Dating Smart in 2015

Exhausted with conventional methods to connect with your Perfect Person? Tired of the bar scene? Ready to quit hanging-out in the health food store, book store, coffee shop, waiting for the “One” to materialize? No worries, in 2015, it’s all about dating smart!

Here are cutting-edge techniques for dating tips and dating smart.

Polish your Flirting Skills

Flirting is commonly referred to as an art. We suggest it’s a learned skill. Flirting doesn’t depend upon words. Our eyes serve as universal language to indicate instant attraction.

Eye contact encourages eye contact – Have you been reluctant to make eye contact with a stranger because you are afraid he/she won’t reciprocate? What if you took courage in hand and caught that delicious stranger’s eye for a few seconds? But, what if he/she quickly looked in the opposite direction?

Chances are, the interesting stranger is concerned about your rejecting him/her! Try again. After a couple of failed attempts, give up and wait for the next opportunity to polish your flirting skills.

Body Language is another “silent” flirting technique. Women typically do the hair-flip or twist a strand of hair around their fingers. She may also briefly touch the man’s hand, cross and uncross her legs or absent-mindedly stroke the stem of her wine glass.

Men might carelessly loosen their tie, swipe fingers through their hair or gently touch the woman’s arm or shoulder. He may bump into her “on accident” when they are walking in opposite directions.

However, a genuine smile is the epitome of flirty body language.

Affirm Yourself

Affirmations are a direct route to self-confidence. When you look and feel self-confident, you will attract potential love interests in the manner kids are drawn to a cookie jar.

The scope of our current work doesn’t allow for a lesson on affirmations. We’ll take it down to the real nitty-gritty – nobody knows how they work. They just do.

Affirmations are present centered. Compose them as if you already have the thing you want.

We suggest that you write three affirmations and practice them 3 X daily. Here are a few examples: I love myself. I accept myself. I am enough, just as I am.I easily attract loving relationships into my life. I am irresistible to my ideal person.

Give them another chance! Changes are being implemented at online dating sites during 2015 that focus on what their clients want. You can select new time-saving options that steer you toward more compatible matches, i.e. mutual hobbies, reciprocal lifestyles, professional status.

Matchmaking En Vogue 2015

If you aren’t connecting with quality people, a modern matchmaker may be your best bet. Also, women usually get a sweet deal. We found that men must pay anywhere from $5,000 – $25,000+ per year, while in most instances, women pay nothing.

Members are thoroughly screened, including a criminal background check.

Cocktails Out – Coffee In

We all know alcohol loosens inhibitions. Happy hour dates have been known to extend through the following morning. This is not smart dating!

Meeting for a specialty coffee and a getting-to-know you chat removes a lot of stress from that first encounter. Plus, if things start heading south, you can always plead an upcoming “appointment”.